Goal 1

Title II & Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act

Provide high-quality, responsive, and coordinated resources and TTA to support states and localities in the planning, establishing, operating, coordinating, and evaluating of delinquency prevention, intervention, and juvenile justice systems improvement projects.

Coordinate all state-initiated TTA requests and our planned TTA activities with OJJDP and the requesting jurisdiction to build local capacity to:

(1) achieve or maintain state compliance with the core requirements; and

(2) Improve systems using the developmental approach; evidence-based programming; leveraging resources, improving services, increasing collaboration, and enhancing data utilization.

TTA ApproachRelationship-Based Delivery of Training and Technical Assistance (TTA)

The Consultant Coordinator Model allows for a more customized TTA experience. The increased level of familiarity with the needs of the state, territory, tribe, and/or community with ongoing efforts to implement a comprehensive approach to addressing juvenile delinquency and delinquency prevention  within the state, the coordination with OJJDP, and the associated awareness of initiatives designed to maximize the effectiveness of the juvenile justice system provide the Consultant Coordinators with a more thorough understanding of their assigned states and allows them to better coordinate resources and materials to address the needs of the TTA recipient and build capacity. Through relationship-based delivery, CCAS will coordinate universal, targeted, and tailored training and technical assistance.

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